Rollease Clutch G200 Galaxy Skyline Geared (1.5")


Rollease roller shade clutch G200 Galaxy Skyline geared clutch (1.5") Color: White. RGALH Clutch for 1-1/2 Inch Tube

RGALHW, RGALHBK. The RollEase RGALH Clutch for 1-1/2 Inch Tube is for operating RollEase Skyline Galaxy SL-Series SL20 roller shade systems. Moreover, the clutch gear mechanism operates using a bead chain loop. Furthermore, the clutch face measures 2-5/8 inches wide by 2-7/8 inches tall and fits into 1-1/2 Inch OD RollEase Tube RTEA4T12 / RTEA4T16. The Galaxy edition clutch has internal gears which allow for a more heavy duty clutch to carry more fabric shade weight than a standard use clutch. The RGALH clutch is also known as the SLG-200.

Item number: RGALHW
Item number: RGALHBK