RollEase Skyline SL-Series SLFBKT3W; SLFBKT3BK; SLFBKT3G 3 Inch Fascia Bracket


The RollEase R-Series SLFBKT3W; SLFBKT3BK; SLFBKT3G 3 Inch Fascia Bracket is for installing RollEase Skyline SL-Series SL5, SL10, SL15 & SL20 roller shade systems with a 3 inch fascia. Moreover, the SLFBKT3 installation bracket has a dimensions of 3 inches by 3 inches. Each bracket can hold either a clutch or an idle end plug.

Item number: SLFBKT3W
Item number: SLFBKT3BK
Item number: SLFBKT3G